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02 October 2010::

Hello! I'm back! Long time no blogging le.
Today morning wake up 7plus. Go eat breakfast then rotting at home.
Around 2pm, da ge come back home den i and er ge go father's shop until 8pm . Come home bathe jiu come post le.
I'll be back!

- t 9:02 PM:-

19 September 2010::

I'm back .
Today in the morning around 7am my mother jiu wake me up and ask me go out with her. We took 67 to a kinda far place to have our breakfast. Then took bus service 2 to Funan Pennisula a bought a Topman :) for $10 . Awhile, my mother say go eat lunch then i go home 1st . Then i ask them to buy for me . I reach home jiu come post le :)
Ltr mayb going to dota with friends .

- t 1:39 PM:-

18 September 2010::

I'm back ! Long time didn't post le.
Recently was rotting at home . . Dota-ing . Hey guys dota with me leh . . Nothing much .
Just hope that u'll cheer up.

To Jiayi: Cheer up please . I'll always be there for u when u need me :)

- t 4:01 PM:-

04 September 2010::


i hope you will cheerup soon you this lazy pig,
always dont want to update blog one!

*I hope you wont kill me when you see this post, hahahaha.

goodluck okay.

Byebye :P

- t 10:15 PM:-

30 August 2010::

I was asked to update by Kayeee . .
Recently school was bored .
Morning go school, after school today got oral.
During Jifa's oral, i keep make him laugh :x
After oral, take 975 with JunYik home.
Reach home bathe jiu go sleep le.
7Pm wake up and on come.
Now come post le. Tmr Teachers day . Whish all teachers Happy Teachers Day :)

- t 9:47 PM:-

22 August 2010::

Hello. I'm back . Going post for yesterday ChuanJie birthday celebration.
Moring wake up, went to bathe and eat then use come. Around 1pm, i take 67 go meet them at Timah Shopping centre.Around 4pm, we leave and went to Timah plaza play pool again then go KFC eat.Around 5pm, we went to ChuanJie house at Bukit batok. When we leave the bus, kena problem, den Weihong say ChuanJie b'day den don't want find problem so Weihong settle le. Then we go void-deck sit awhile while ChuanJie go buy drinks. Suddenly, police come screen us. So unlucky. Then around 6pm, we went to ChuanJie house drink. I drank 6cup of beer, very strong.
Face red red, cant stand properly .Around 9pm, ChuanJie go buy Heikken,Carlsberg and Tiger so i drink 1can each . . Around 10.30pm, Weihong and i take cab go home.
That's all . . Will update ASAP

- t 12:49 PM:-

20 August 2010::

Hello . I'm back :)
Today lesson was boring. Last period teacher chased me out of class.After school, go outside talk to fren, Kena police screen. Today was totally unlucky!
After school, went home change cloth then go meet my di AhXiang,then go block 103 meet SweeWee and ChuDa. After while, went to Panjang CC and play basketball. Very sweaty then go SweeWee house eat Instant noodle :P After awhile, ChuDa gtg then i and SweeWee send him to the bus-stop.Then go 213 bball court slack then go home. Bathe then come post le.
Will update ASAP

- t 7:53 PM:-

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